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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Evening Hatch

Snuck out this evening with Kit P. to check out a couple of small-water spots. Once again, staying off the Green paid off with a pile of spunky bows, browns, macs, and even one very confused-looking sucker. Hey, it ate a fly and tugged on the line, what more can we ask for?

We did have one big letdown though. I got wrecked by some unseen force in heavy water. One second my indicator was bobbing along a foam line, and the next it was streaking downward. I tried to stop it, turn it, something, anything, but whatever ate my bug decided that it was going to put all it had into a nosedive and blast directly upstream. After ripping all the line through my fingers and screaming my reel for a few seconds, it was gone, leaving my completely intact rig drifting back downstream toward me. Neither of us saw the fish, but two things are certain: It had to be huge and I know where it lives.

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