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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's Freakin Cold, Put on a Coat

It's the end of December, another year gone and a new one on the way. It's about time. As I sit here in front of the fire with a glass of red and think back to all that's happened in '09 it makes my head spin. Between economic turmoil, major political upheaval (well, depending on who you ask), explosive job, relationship, and housing issues, global conflicts, and crazy antics and escapades of all sorts it's a wonder some of us are still sane. I suppose that's pretty subjective as well since there are plenty of folks out there that might think I'm nuts. Maybe I am. Or maybe you are. Because the way I see it, among the toughest decisions I really have to make on any given day are which little buggy looking things to tie on to the end of my line and how I'm going to present them. When it comes down to it, everything really is that simple. If my choices are how they like it that day, I'm rewarded with some sort of success. If not, I learn something new and file that knowledge away for the future.

A very good friend of mine and long time fishing companion sometimes lets a slow day get to him. I've seen rods flying through the air, smashed reels, and miles of broken off tippet stuffed into vest pockets when it gets to "that point." It's honestly a bit entertaining to watch and I think we can all admit that we've been, if not right there, at least somewhere close when times have gotten tough. No, this isn't the mortgage market, but a busted reel is a busted reel and you're going to pay for a new one. Your rod might be reparable but it's going to cost a few bucks. Eventually you figure it out. My buddy did for the most part. What was once a tough day is now a study in the inner workings of water and bugs and fish. I'd say it's better that way.

It's winter now in Wyoming and its damn cold out there. Almost all the water is frozen over. Times are tough for us bug-slinging kind but not completely hopeless. It's going to be slow and hard most days but if you can draw up what you know and really put it to the test, you'll find the reward. Sure, you might have to work harder than before and put up with frozen guides, numb fingers, and a serious lack of companionship. But every day gets a little longer. Your skin gets a little tougher. Every gleaming fish gets prettier under the storm clouds. And before you know it the first little skwalas are showing up among the midges. So go get your coat and get ready to take a beating. And remember, if you freak out, some of us just might be chuckling behind that snow bank.
Quit reading this now and go fishing