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Monday, May 4, 2009

Goldfish Flats

Spent the last two days over in Idaho with some pretty questionable characters prospecting for gold. Sanchez, Mike Whitcomb, and Larry D. came over with me on Monday to check out the goldfish flats and test out some new patterns. While the weather was pretty bad we did manage to spot a good number of fish and bring some in. I'll be fishing with Mike in the carp classic in a few weeks so a bit of practice and no small amount of hilarity was a good thing. Today I met up with Andy Ward and Maximus LaPrade and went back under more favorable conditions. Although it took a while to find some active fish it turned into the best day I've had out there. By the afternoon large pods were cruising and taking flies with more regularity than I've ever seen before. By six or so, with sore arms and a darkening sky we decided to head around a point for one last look and what we found was unbelievable. Glassy calm water with a massive pod of fish vigorously tailing in less than two feet of water. This wasn't your typical vague dark shape cruising lazily through the murk. These piggies were hungry and readily took flies. All three of us were able to cast to tailers and landed several fish in a matter of minutes before the wind picked up again and the pod moved out. Anyone who doesn't respect these things or thinks it can't possibly be fun fishing to them needs to go try it. They're abundant, strong as hell and challenging as all get out. Oh yeah, they're also a lot bigger than any trout you're ever going to catch. Just make sure you've got plenty of backing and a spare rod.
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