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Friday, April 17, 2009

Custom rod madness

I've been working the past several days on some custom rods for some folks in the area and finished up one last night. It's a Winston BIIx 9'6" 6wt that I would love to fish myself. It didn't come easy, however, with seemingly never ending problems with parts manufacturers as well as no small amount of parts modifications on my part, it was a nail-biter to say the least. With all the problems as well as some serious personal issues coinciding with the build there's a lot of heart and soul in this one and I'm going to be proud to present this fine rod to the customer tomorrow. Hopefully it means a lot to him because it certainly does to me. With spring runoff approaching I've got one more to finish for a good friend before I can even think about starting on my lake rod which will be a serious departure from the traditional. If progress continues as it has in the past few days I should be able to get out and fish this week for a few days and maybe get over to the Henry's Fork with Burkhart.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Boooo. Yaaaaaaaaay!!

After a few weeks of not fishing, I headed south and met up with Andrew D. to fish for a few days. Monday was brutal, we fished hard in off-color conditions all day and came back with only a small bow and a whitey to show for it. For an area reputed to hold big browns, we didn't see anything to excite us. There was even a good midge hatch going and no signs of fish. Disheartened, we decided to change up the game plan and switch rivers Tuesday. It turned out to be a great idea and we spent the entire day on a stretch less than a mile long. Throwing nymphs and leeches was the ticket and within ten minutes of hitting the river the first big brown came in, followed by several more hard-fighting cuts, browns, and bows of good size. Actually, one cut caught twice on different flies which fought harder the second time. The water temp was in the mid forties all day and it seemed to be about right to get the fish out of slow mode. The whiteys seemed to be in a frenzy as well and couldn't keep off our flies, so much so that nearly every cast brought one in. Oddly enough, the whiteys may have made the day because we were catching so many that the entire time fishing we were cracking up at the absurdity and every few minutes one of us would hook something else. The action stayed on nymphs throughout the day and although some errant BWO's were in the air we saw only a few scattered rises and didn't bother with dries. This was certainly not the creep around in the bushes and stalk fish kind of day that is typical on this river. When the last big brown came in around 6, we decided to pack it in and go get a cold one, satisfied with our comeback from the serious ass kicking we took the previous day. And to add to how good it was, Andrew lost his net at some point and received a call a few hours later from some dude who found it. He said he'd found "one of them trout scoopin nets." I'm not kidding. I may have to put a sign up in the shop that says "Trout Scoopin Nets".
Quit reading this now and go fishing