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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cast and Blast

It's a good thing I brought a rod along today as there was absolutely nothing to shoot. It's probably a good thing the game warden didn't swing by either because he would probably have been a bit confused. It's definitely a great thing I had the world's best photographer along with me for the great shots and company. It's not a good thing that I'm running out of the unstoppable bug because I'm going to have to figure out how to tie more and what exactly they're tied out of, and that's not going to be easy. It's tough to argue with using the exact same bug all the time and always having it work. Always. Also, some bug porn from a recent October Caddis hatch (in November) that the fish seemed completely indifferent to. They were more into the midges. Go figure.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Transcendentalism and such

I ran across an email a minute ago that I sent a while back to a friend when she commented on fishing being "sexy." At the time, for whatever reason, I didn't post it but apparently had the foresight to save it for future use, and now, since I don't have any recent pics to put up (still sans camera) I'll post it instead. The fishing of late has been pretty good although somewhat limited to midday with a lot of the fish being very sluggish. When it does turn on, however, it's on. I've been out with Tina and Mark a few times recently and we've done very well with a bunch of large browns and bows. Also, apparently whitefish can grow to an astounding size as I recently discovered. Anyhow, here's my rant on fly fishing being "sexy."

I don't believe that anyone can look at fishing in and of itself as sexy in any way unless they get off on people tormenting small creatures for fun. If so, I would worry about this person. I do believe, however, that there is a beauty that comes with the transition from hobby to art form. When this happens, there is a total connection of mind, body, and soul and the activity itself becomes secondary
to the true nature of the thing. (Mikhail Czeksimihyli or however he spells it would have a field day with this, for all you rec theory people). It is no longer simply an activity for the sake of fun but a deeply meaningful transcendence of state of mind. The true artist creates a thing of beauty that stems from his or her soul. There is no longer a person, a rod, a fly, some water, a fish, and whatever other untold fortune worth of gear is involved. They are all connected as a whole where each piece is at the same time deeply meaningful in itself and meaningless without the others. When this happens, it is as though the universe itself is made up wholly of the moment and there is nothing else. The whole purpose of being at this point is fulfilled. There is no meaning of life except for this moment of complete connection of mind, body, and soul. Wise men, philosophers, and holy men have spent untold lifetimes searching for "enlightenment" in terms of being at one with the universe, God, or whatever you want to call it. It is simply a state of mind achieved through the complete dedication of one's self to that moment, regardless of the activity itself. Most people never experience such a thing because their lives are perhaps too complicated and their minds are too busy to bring the pieces together. So how the hell is this sexy? People witnessing such a thing will sometimes be able to see the deeper meaning behind the act and if so have a natural sense of awe and attraction to the person, perhaps out of some desire to experience such a thing, perhaps out of respect or appreciation of what is occurring. Perhaps an experience such as this allows a person's true nature to show forth in its most unclouded, undistracted form. And if that form is something pleasing to the witnessing person, I guess they might look at it as "sexy." Of course if you're a guy and there's a hottie in a bikini just slayin' it, you won't get any argument from me and this may all be completely irrelevant.

Till next time, get out there and get after it.
Quit reading this now and go fishing