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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Browntooth Offensive

The Browntooth army was out in full force today, mounting a full scale assault on helpless chernobyl ants. They even sent out the big guns, but the seemingly helpless foamies held the trump card, with a couple of very motivated anglers on the other end of the line. A temporary cease-fire has been called for the night, giving both sides time to formulate their battle plans for tomorrow...

On a sad note, we did stumble upon a very nice 22" brown that was just rolling along with the current. On closer inspection, it appeared to have been smacked by an osprey or eagle, and despite a long time spent trying to help it recover, I eventually pulled the plug. And by pulled the plug I mean it's now in my freezer. I've never knowingly killed a brown before and I hope it's a long long time before I do it again. I rarely eat trout and when I do it's usually a laker or high mountain brookie. I'm not even sure I'm going to be able to eat this one, I might have to donate it to some friends who will.

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